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Beauty Boost Kit

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Boost your skin this winter with this inner beauty trio. These delicious inner beauty elixirs are formulated to address your specific skin concerns, hydrating and nourishing the skin while also supporting gut health. These Boosts make for the perfect stocking filler or travel companion.
Add one teaspoon to your favorite smoothie, tea or a cup of water. When foods and herbs such as those found in the GLOW ADVANCED powder are fermented, their nutritional properties are magnified substantially. This is because the fermentation makes nutrients in food more bio-available to the body. That is why a small amount such as 1 tsp goes a long way.
Bio-fermented Nutrient Blend With Flora Culture™ (Mung Beans*, Brown Rice*, Lentils*, Chick Peas*, Linseed*, Maqui Berry*, Queen Garnet Plum, Buckwheat*, Hulled Millet*, Dunaliella Salina*, Agave*, Molasses*, Quinoa*, Chia Seeds*, Pepitas*, Sunflower Seeds*, Lemon Juice, Green Tea Powder*, Ginger*, Turmeric*), Anthocyanins From Grape Skins, Natural Wild Berry Flavour, Dunaliella Salina*, Citric Acid, Saccharomyces Boulardii, Stevia Leaf Extract, Zinc Ascorbate.

*Organic Ingredients
COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost (100ml)
HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost (100ml)
ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost (100ml)

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