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Mini Candle Set

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3 candle discovery set

Classic Mini Collection

Meet the lil bb’s from our cult status scents in mini form. Indulge in moments of liberation and luxury.

BRALESS(Bamboo, Amber, Guaic Wood)
Liberate the should with complex notes of bamboo, amber, and lifting guaic wood. Get your Ya-ya’s out, so to speak literally & spiritually. 

WIRED (Tea Leave, Eucalyptus, Tonka)
Energize and actualize with this invigorating layered scent of tea leaves, eucalyptus and tonka. SIDIA is not responsible for what you manifest while Wired is burning.

SOAKED (Juniper, Cypress, Fresh Musks)
SOAKED is a tribute to the meditative magic of morning times, a misty space for conjuring up fresh visions, and getting back into your body with evocative jasmine, rich pine, and herbaceous juniper.
Erin Kleinberg was inspired by the legacy her late grandmother left to create a brand that embodied connection, comfort, and grace. Proudly based, formulated, and designed in Toronto, SIDIA is this brand, housing lifestyle essentials that invoke a sense of liberation and ease to help you show up for yourself.

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