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We love trying new products, learning about ingredients, testing incredible formulas and getting to know passionate brand founders and their stories. We pride ourselves to curate the best of natural beauty and to never compromise efficiency.

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Our Promise

Step 1:

We love to introduce our clients to the best of green beauty, and we do that by ensuring the products we carry contain only the safest ingredients. Before you reach out to share your brand with us, please make sure you’re not using anything that has made our Banned Ingredients List.

Step 2:

If your ingredients meet our standards, please contact Elena Severin at with your brand’s story and a complete ingredient list. We get a lot of submissions, so be sure to include what makes your products stand out above the rest!

Step 3:

If we feel your brand is in-line with The Detox Market’s mission, we will reach out and request full-sized samples for our experts to test for efficacy. Once the trial period is over we will contact you with our feedback.

  • Please do not send samples without a request from us. We care for the environment and want to save on resources.
  • Please avoid dropping by our stores to present your brand without an appointment. Our friendly staff is generally busy sharing green beauty tips with our clients.
  • Please note: The process may take a while. It's important to us to thoroughly consider each product and choose the right ones for our clients. We thank you for your patience.
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