• Toxicity in Feminine Care

    By: Hayley Roy
    Have you ever thought about what’s in a tampon? We think about what’s in our food, in our home care and even our beauty products, but a product that resides within a woman’s body for potentially a quarter of every month during her period receives little attention. The modern day tampon with applicator was invented...
  • Brands that Give Back

    By: Emilie Glavin
    Feeling great about your green beauty purchases just got even better! These brands help make the world a lovelier place one step at a time with every cause they help and support! Lina Hanson To source her ingredients, Lina Hanson teams up with women's cooperative and farmers globally. By sourcing ethically harvested ingredients, more opportunities...
  • Clean Swaps

    By: Hayley Roy
    It's time to switch! When it comes to our beauty products we all have our life long staples that we feel we could never give up. These are often over the counter drug store finds or department store high end investment pieces. Here at The Detox Market we hear about it all the time and...
  • A Simple Guide to Vitamins + Minerals

    By: Romain Galliard
    Every day our body builds new cells, renews blood, carries nutrients, forms hormones, and sends nerve signals to carry and sustain the many functions we go through in our daily lives. It’s amazing to think of how much our body does for us on a constant basis. But, in order to perform these roles, we...
  • Your Makeup Housekeeping Guide

    By: Romain Galliard
    Part of maintaining a good skincare regimen is to be mindful of your makeup regimen as well. After all, both are not only applied but absorbed by your face! So, we’re sharing with you makeup housekeeping tips, including cleaning and safekeeping, to keep your skin and beauty practices in top shape! What was the single...
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