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Supercritical Chia Waterless Wonder Balm

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A concentrated, waterless body balm that relieves dryness for smooth, supple skin. Crafted with a deeply nutritive blend of oils—including chia, apricot, and sunflower—along with shea butter and beeswax to seal in moisture, it softens and nourishes skin wherever it's applied. Rounded out with a touch of orange blossom essential oil to uplift and energize the senses.

*Butyrosperumum Parkii Butter, Salvia Hispanica (Supercritical Chia) Oil, *Prunus Armenica (Apricot) Kernel Oil, *Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Beeswax, Tocopherol (Non- Gmo Vitamin E), 2% Essential Oils And Botanical Extracts *Organic Or Wildcrafted (When Available)
Apply to your body, hands, cuticles, feet – anywhere lasting moisture is needed. Repeat to your heart’s content.

Founded by Susanne Norwitz, Maya Chia is a luxurious skin care line focused on the amazing nutritional properties of chia. They use a patented process to extract the oil called supercritical extraction. The gentle oxygen-free, solvent-free process results in oil with a total absence of chemical residues and impurities, and one that most closely mirrors the chemical profile of the plant. It is the best, purest, most stable, effective, and potent chia oil with up to a 2-year shelf life. Maya Chia also donates a portion of the net profits to charitable organizations that help build schools and farms for the Maya people.

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