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New Gen Skin

New Gen Skin: Your 40s

Your skin in your 40s

Your forties mark the decade when aging really takes shape. Long gone are the free-spirited days of your teens, the getting-the-hang-of days of your twenties, and the finally-finding-balance days of your thirties. But what does this marked decade really look like? 

For many, signs of wear in the body and skin are starting to surface as a result of past neglect. But what we’d like to know is why these signs are so often viewed as a bad thing? Instead, why can’t they be viewed as part of the natural life cycle or a reminder to check in with yourself to understand what it is your body and skin needs the most from you right now?

At this point in a woman’s life, the body is entering perimenopause (or the years gearing up for menopause). During this stage, estrogen and progesterone production slows down steadily, causing a general weakening of the body and skin. This is not specific to women, though. Once you hit forty, your skin can’t absorb as many nutrients or water, which impacts its firmness and buoyancy.

Now although a youthful complexion may seem like a far off memory, there are many ways to bring skin back to its smooth, perky ways. By now, we know you’re not looking for the next quick fix or a trendy routine. You need your regimen to give you exactly what you need, so it’s important to figure out which skincare products and habits resonate with you most and stick to them. 

To help you get started, we’ve researched the top three skin concerns people face in their forties, and complementary high-quality results-driven recommendations, to help you feel confident in your skin for years to come. 


Much like other aspects of your life, your skin doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it used to. Fine lines start to transition into deeper wrinkles as we age, thanks to a decline in water retention, lipids, and collagen. While these lines may never disappear (without a bit of derma upkeep, that is), there are helpful solutions that can improve their appearance with time.

One beneficial skincare treatment, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, has grown in recent popularity due to its ability to naturally lift and tone aging skin. That magical practice is facial cupping and the affordable set from Province Apothecary is a crowd-favorite.

We Love: Province Apothecary - Facial Cupping Set

Price: $32

With two sizes for targeted treatment, these high-quality silicone cups gently pull the skin away from deeper layers of fascia to smooth wrinkles and tone. The suction helps to drain lymph nodes and increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to stagnant skin—like fine lines and wrinkles—which increases the collagen supply to the upper dermal layers. What results is a lifted glow, a boost in elasticity, and a relaxation of the tension that has caused your skin to look tired and creased. 

This cupping routine is designed to be an easy and rejuvenating addition to your daily regimen. Plus, it allows you a quick and quiet five to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling for the day. 


As you age, your skin has a harder time retaining moisture, which impacts its firmness, elasticity, and tone. To help counteract this, your focus should be on one very basic, but important step: hydration. By adding a layer of hydration to your routine daily (and we really mean daily), you’ll slowly repair your skin’s barrier and improve its ability to hold moisture for longer. 

One helpful ingredient for delivering moisture below-the-surface, is fatty acids. In particular, lipids like algae and omega 3-rich plant oils will be your best friend for rebuilding buoyancy and replenishing your skin with moisture. And if you can find a way to incorporate these both in one product—you’re really winning.

Our pick for an all-in-one step for firmness and elasticity is True Botanical’s new algae-powered lifting serum.

We Love: True Botanicals - SuperSEA Firming & Lifting Treatment 

Price: $188

This revolutionary treatment contains a potent blend of high-quality sea minerals from four of the most nutrient-dense marine ecosystems in the world. Through biocompatible technology, fatty acids like algae and camellia oil come together in one clinically-proven formula to firm, lift, and tighten. 

After just one week of applying this serum morning and night, you’ll see a transformation to more smooth, supple, and plump skin.


The daily stresses of life get in the way and start to wear. As normal as this experience may be, it’s not always the most empowering to see. To help you navigate these changes and feel in better control of your confidence, we recommend prioritizing vitamin-rich skincare formulas that protect what you do have and prevent what may come.

As mentioned, a decrease in moisture levels isn’t the only thing that forty-something skin faces. It also struggles to keep nutrients around, especially good-for-your-skin fats. With lower lipid levels, your complexion falls flat appearing dull, which no doubt leaves you feeling far from your vibrant self. 

The best thing you can do to improve this dullness and texture is to include a step in your routine that provides hydrating and calming benefits (and if possible, a quick self-love power up). Lucky for you, Ayurvedic brand Sahajan has got you covered all around.

We Love: Sahajan - Radiance Face Serum


Price: $64

This highly-potent, fast-absorbing serum brings your brightest face forward. Not only is it infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid, but it also boasts an array of age-defying herbs. As a team, these nutrients help address dullness and dark spots by increasing overall brightness, radiance, and luminosity of the skin. 

In addition to fan-fave hyaluronic acid, Sahajan focuses on including adaptogens in their formulations that help our skin cope with stress and feel more alive. Triphala, which is known to have 20x more vitamin C than an orange, helps to brighten, while Gotu Kola works to calm the skin and improve its collagen production. 

Having performed clinical trials, it’s been confirmed that after 6 weeks of using the serum, 88% found they had healthier and more youthful-looking skin. Not to mention the general uplifting experience of feeling more confident and vibrant. 

Have other concerns that weren’t covered?

We get, your skin tells the unique story of your life’s experiences. Get customized product picks to guide you through the next chapter of your skincare journey.

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