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New Gen Skin: Your 30s

Your skin in your 30s

For many, entering the third decade marks an important transition in life, one that steps fully into adulthood and the growing sense of responsibility. Life becomes more serious and a routine becomes more necessary to keep up with the demands of everyday life. What seems to slip by the wayside first, is self-care. In neglecting a healthy balance between physical activity and rest, human connection and alone time, you are adding years on—especially to your skin. 

By the time you’ve reached your thirties, your skin starts to hold onto the experiences of your youth. Naturally, collagen production begins to slow, as does cellular turnover, which causes skin to sulk, tired-looking under eyes to go darker, and unwanted texture to stick around a little longer.

These signs, as pesky as they may seem, should serve as a reminder that you’re living your life well. Simply noticing them means you’re paying attention to yourself, too (an act of self-care!). With that being said, it’s important to prioritize your skin’s vitality, keeping it healthy and vibrant with protective and preventive skincare (regardless if you’ve made peace with getting older or not). 

We’re here to guide you through the most common skin concerns people experience in their thirties and which product solutions we suggest for helping you not only navigate the changes, but embrace them. Even with minor adjustments to your current routine, major results can surface. 


Have you noticed more dark spots across your face that don’t fade as quickly as they used to? You can thank the natural processes of your skin for that.

As you age, your skin produces more melanin—a natural protective barrier against harmful UV rays—and with a few decades of low-grade sun exposure behind you, your skin’s production is starting to go into overdrive. While its hyper-production may be well-intentioned, it can cause your skin to become discolored and uneven. 

 If you weren’t diligent with sun protection or retinoids (think, retinol and vitamin A) during your younger years, now is the perfect time to correct. In addition to a good SPF and retinol, we recommend including a brightening treatment to your morning routine, like this vitamin C serum from Josh Rosebrook.

We Love: Josh Rosebrook - C Bright Complex


Price: $65

The brand’s lightweight serum harnesses the power of two fully-stabilized vitamin C complexes (featuring ferulic and L-ascorbic acid) to help improve cellular turnover, visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots, and balance skin tone. 

The slowing healing process (aka cellular turnover) of thirty-something skin causes areas like acne scars and hyperpigmentation to be highlighted. So, the addition of rejuvenating phytonutrients like azelaic acid and Tamanu oil are key to supporting a healthier-looking, illuminated complexion that blurs the look of hyperpigmentation.


While melanin production increases, collagen production decreases at a rate of 1% per year, starting in your twenties. Formation of hyaluronic acid—a sugar found in plump skin—also starts to decrease, and your skin’s recovery isn’t as prompt as it once was. It’s almost as if it needs to be retaught how to bounce back. 

A daily ritual of stimulating the muscles and nerves in your face, in turn, stimulates collagen reaction, which is a great way to reteach skin how to stay firm. Cue, the ancient art of gua sha. 

We Love: Mount Lai - The Stainless Steel Gua Sha Tool

 Price:  $34

Gua sha has been practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and provides many benefits, including firming, lifting, and sculpting the skin. Best used alongside a serum (one with hyaluronic acid for that extra boost), this stainless steel model from Mount Lai is cool to the touch, which is great for soothing and decreasing facial puffiness in the process. 

Gliding this gentle tool along the contours of your face will help lift sagging skin over time, aid in radiance-inducing circulation, and help promote healthy lymphatic drainage—a key benefit for increasing cellular turnover and keeping skin taut. 


If you thought acne was a concern only teens and twenty-somethings faced, you unfortunately thought wrong. Your thirties mark a time for major hormonal shifts, an increase in day-to-day stressors, and the onset of new sensitivities, which are all catalysts for increased texture and acne.

What’s important to know about adult acne, though, is it can’t be dealt with the same way teenage acne can. Your skin can’t heal as quickly as it once could (need we mention cellular turnover again?) and is less resilient, which makes treating this skin condition a little more complicated.

Making too many adjustments at a time can often worsen acne rather than make it better. We recommend paying attention to how your skin is changing so you can tweak your routine slowly and with careful consideration—all while focusing on keeping your skin as clean as possible.

Formulated specifically with the ever-changing conditions of acneic skin types in mind, Tata Harper’s Clarifying Mask is ready for any and all life changes.

We Love: Tata Harper - Clarifying Mask


 Price: $75

Made with salicylic and lactic acid, AHA superfruits, and quartz micro-crystals, this gentle exfoliating mask treats problem spots as it sheds dirt and grime for a renewed, clear complexion. It also houses soothing superseeds to help counter redness and hydrating raw honey to leave skin with a healthy glow. 

Adaptability is key for blemish-prone adult skin, so we love that this mask is formulated to serve your skin’s needs, whatever they may be.

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