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Thorn Oil Priming Facial Elixir

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It's true magic. This extraordinary oil appears in the bottle as a blood red, in the dropper as a soft blush, and on the skin as entirely colorless. Thorn Oil is absolutely beautiful on its own, but its interplay with the skin is even more extraordinary. We have formulated this face priming oil from opulent, skin-loving ingredients to impart moisture and glow without leaving shine after absorption. As a makeup priming oil, it creates the perfect base for full-face application of any of our products. On makeup-free days, it draws out a lit-from-within radiance and beautifully healthy finish from your skin unlike anything else; the effect is plumped, luminous - almost like you're wearing the most perfect subtle highlighter for your complexion after a long, restful night of sleep. Named for the thorns of a rose, Thorn Oil Priming Facial Elixir is blended from two parts of the plant - the blossom and the fruit - along with carefully selected, perfectly balanced, luxuriant organic ingredients.


Thorn Oil Priming Facial Elixir

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