My Skin Is Sensitive

Sensitive skins are easily irritated and contain a lot of inflammation that can cause redness and discomfort and should be treated with calming and strenghtening formulas. Also, simplifying your regimen might help!
Curious about which type of sensitive skin condition you might have? Keep reading.

SENSITIVE/ROSACEA- reactive skin with lots of distended or broken capillaries. Is easily flushes and irritated. Often dry and scaly in feel. Can also feel hot to the touch.

SENSITIVE/SENSITIZED- reactive skin due to over-stressing the skin. Can feel like skin is burning when a product is applied. This can be triggered by pollution, weather, wrong product usage, bad diet or other inflammatory causing habits such as drinking alcohol, coffee or smoking cigarettes.

SENSITIVE/OILY- An overproduction of oil on the skin with an under-lining layer of inflammation. This can be caused by lack of hydration and over using stipping products.

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