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Niacinamide + Biotin Booster

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This 100% Niacinamide + Biotin Booster is clinically proven to help reduce the look of pores, redness and uneven complexion for your most flawless, glowy skin.

What it is Good For:
Fine Lines
Anti Aging
Uneven Skin

What it is: Minimize Pores. Maximize Glow. We paired Niacinamide, a dermatologist recommended, clinically proven, does-it-all ingredient with the ultimate multitasker, Biotin, to create a booster that helps reduce the appearance of pores, redness and uneven skin tone while also balancing sebum production, smoothing texture and rejuvenating the skin for a youthful-looking glow.This step is easy and essential for everyone to use: simply boost any water-based essence, serum or toner for best results!

Key Ingredients:
Niacinamide - A B3 vitamin that helps reduce redness, minimize the appearance of pores, regulate sebum production and support the skin’s natural moisture barrier
Biotin - A potent B-Complex vitamin known to help strengthen skin and improve hydration, smoothness and the skin’s overall appearance for a flawless, even complexion

Research Results:

*Based on a 6 week technical study of 30 subjects using 2x’s daily.
100% of participants saw a significant improvement in facial pores.
Over 90% saw a significant improvement in skin barrier function, hyperpigmentation and skin moisture.

Niacinamide, Biotin
Mix 1-2 shakes into your favorite water-based essence or serum. Apply to the face and neck in the morning or evening.
Your pure Niacinamide + Biotin powder may stick together overtime. Don’t worry, this is just the vitamins taking on a bit of moisture from the air. Shaking the component should break up the clumps easily. Just firmly tap the bottle in the palm of your hand to disperse powder in bottle. Be sure to fully close and tighten the cap after each use.
14 g | 0.49 oz
A thyroid cancer diagnosis was the wake-up call Hillary Peterson needed to re-evaluate the products on her bathroom shelf. Believing that safety shouldn’t compromise performance, Peterson sought out industry-leading green chemists and specialists to create True Botanicals—a bio-compatible, non-toxic skincare line that’s clinically proven to rival conventional brands and empowers individuals to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and the planet.



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