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Better Blotter

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WHAT IT IS: A pocket-sized, rollerball facial blotter.

WHAT IT DOES: As you run the rollerball along the face, you absorb excess oil and reduce shine for a matte complexion.

WHO IT’S FOR: Anyone looking for a waste-free swap for their trusty blotting papers.


  • Volcanic Rock: This porous material has tiny particles that act like clay to soak up excess sebum.
  • High-Grade Aluminum Alloy: An infinitely recyclable, lightweight metal that houses the absorbent material.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: Matte skin is now in the palm of your hands. Break up with those single-use blotting papers and find a new match in this perfectly-sized, reusable rollerball that keeps makeup looking fresh sans smudging or leaving behind a powdery residue. Encased in aluminum with a protective cap, it stays clean between uses and is ideal for taking on the go!


Better Blotter

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