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Organic Cleansing Sponge

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The Cleansing Sponge is made with Konjac Plant Fiber, prized for its ability to detoxify pores and smooth skin while buffing away dirt and makeup. Soft yet exfoliating, The Cleansing Sponge is ideal for everyday use on even the most sensitive skin.

French Pink Clay Heart: Konjac-Mannan Plant Fiber (Glucomannan). Bamboo Charcoal Heart: Konjac-Mannan Plant Fiber (Glucomannan), Bamboo Charcoal.
Using warm water, dampen sponge until it softens and expands to double its original size. Apply cleanser to sponge and gently massage skin in circular motions. After each use, rinse thoroughly and always hang to dry. With daily use and proper care, The Cleansing Sponge can last up to 3 months.
Before each use: Soak dry sponge in warm water until fully softened and expanded. Remove excess water by gently squeezing the sponge.
After each use:: Rinse sponge with clean, warm water and hang to dry in a well-ventilated area. Do not twist or squeeze the sponge too hard or leave it in a damp/humid place. Extended moisture will cause the konjac fibers to disintegrate.
As needed: Disinfect the sponge by soaking it in hot (not boiling) water for about 3-5 minutes and then hang to dry.

Founder Suzanne LeRoux started off as a lawyer but couldn't shake her love for beauty. She immersed herself in aromatherapy, integrative herbology, and cosmetic chemistry studies before pursuing her calling full-time. The result? One Love Organics, which formulates clean, effective, and potent skincare for every age and stage.



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