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Repurpose 6+ Palette

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Customize your perfect all in one, convenient palette with any combination of MOB face & eye refills then reuse and refill to reduce your impact on our planet. This endlessly refillable palette is designed to hold up to 8 MOB Eyeshadow or Cake Liner refills or up to 4 MOB face refills such as Blush, Highlighter, or Bronzer or any infinte combination you choose. Palette 4+ is sustainably designed with no mirror and made with 47% post consumer recycled PET.
Open the Compact lid and then lift up the inside protective frame with your finger. You can also pop open the frame using the pin hole opening on the bottom of the Compact. Lay your MOB refill(s) into the compact and securely snap the protective frame back into place. To replace the refill pop open the protective frame via the pinole on the bottom of the compact or gently press the bottom of the refill to push the frame open. Each of the 4 wells holds either 1 MOB face refill or 2 smaller eye refills. If filling a well with 2 eye refills ensure the thicker edges of the refill are facing out for proper fit


Biodegradable Packaging
PCR Plastic Packaging

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