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The Takesumi Detox The Sweat Powder - Crisp Linen

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Inspired by sweat-absorbing hand chalk used by elite athletes, the kaia naturals the takesumi detox® the sweat powder is the first and only natural solution to address sweaty situations head-on. With both a portable, mess-free brush application system and Thessalite 6® Powder Technology, this product delivers odor and moisture protection in the underarms, bikini and breast areas. Magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide and apple cider vinegar work together in this clean, mattifying formulation to create a moisture-absorbing barrier on the surface of the skin to keep you dry and comfortable, while reducing chafing and friction in the skin folds. The retractable kabuki brush applicator is made of ultra-soft bristles that gently but effectively dispense and apply powder to the skin without making a mess. It is also 100% portable, perfect for on-the-go application and touch ups.


The Takesumi Detox The Sweat Powder - Crisp Linen

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