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Good Juju Laundry Detergent Strips - Unscented

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The cleaner, greener way to do laundry! Our innovative laundry strips are super-concentrated and packed with plant enzymes for added cleaning power. Each strip is preportioned with just the right amount of detergent for one load of laundry, and dissolves completely with no residue. Our laundry strips work in hot or cold water, and in any kind of washing machine. No added fragrance. Best of all, they reduce the carbon footprint of your laundry by more than 94%.

Vegetable Glycerin, Pva, Starch, Surfactant Cleaning Agents (Alpha Olefin Sulfate, Fatty Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether, Sodium Fatty Acid Methanesulfonate), Glycereth Cocoate, Protease Enzyme, Bentonite, Deionized Water,
Peel off / remove a sheet from the package. Tear the sheet in half - each half is one strip, containing enough detergent for one regular sized load of laundry. Tear the strip into smaller pieces and scatter throughout your laundry load, directly in the drum of your washer.
FBF0D3 & 596759
Through their years of working in the natural health industry, Canadian friends and moms Alexa Monahan and Lisa Karandat witnessed the impact natural ingredients have on the health of people and the planet. With this and the future of their children in mind, the duo created Good Juju, an all-natural brand of zero-waste hair, body, and home care products, each created to help people make small, incremental changes to their daily routine for the better.

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