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Delicious Mint Floss

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Unlike other flosses that slip and slide, Cocofloss scrubs like a loofah to truly scrub your surfaces clean. With more surface area and a soft, towel-like texture, Cocofloss is kinder on gums and fingers. It's so much easier to handle.

Cocofoss Is Infused With Microcrystalline Wax, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Spearmint Oil, Cornmint Oil, Anise Camphor, And Menthol.
1. Unspool about 18 inches — about the width between your shoulders — of Cocofloss. Take a deep breath — this is your time to relax and kindly care for your smile. 2. Twirl the floss 1 to 2 times around your middle finger on one hand. 3. Twirl the floss 1 to 2 times around your middle finger on the other hand. 4. Hold the floss with your pointer fingers and thumbs close together, no more than 1 inch apart. 5. Gently slide the floss between your teeth. Give each side of each tooth a “C”-shaped hug with the floss. Shimmy the floss up and down each tooth about 5 times, scrubbing away plaque. Be sure to slide the floss below the gumline — a hideout for bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath. 6. Pull the floss lightly with one hand to move to a clean new section for each tooth space. (Reusing the same section of floss could spread bacterial plaque from one space to another and make the floss more likely to shred.) Don’t forget to floss behind your back molars too! Tucked all the way in the back of your mouth, that last space is easy to forget.
32 yrds
Created by sisters Chrystle and Cat Cu, Cocofloss aims to make the mundane yet essential task of daily flossing fun for all. Following a minimalist approach, Cocofloss products contain coconut oil—a natural antimicrobial—along with aromatic fruit oils and vegan wax for a gentle yet powerful floss.



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