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Bio-Barrier Serum

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WHAT IT IS: A nourishing, sensitive skin-friendly face serum.

WHAT IT DOES: Smooths, brightens, and plumps skin to support a youthful-looking appearance.

WHO IT’S FOR: Ideal for those with mature, sensitive, and dry skin.


  • Plant Ceramides: Restores and fortifies the skin barrier for a firm, supple appearance.
  • Volcanic Postbiotic Complex: Rebalances reactive skin’s microbiome for a comfortable feel.
  • Tri-Algae Complex: Calms and hydrates stressed-out skin for a healthy-looking complexion.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: Finding an all-in-one, silky serum that targets multiple signs of aging, dullness, and fatigue is like finding a diamond in the rough—not to mention one that’s gentle enough to nourish sensitive skin. You’ll treasure this kind-to-skin serum for its ability to smooth without disruption.


Bio-Barrier Serum

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