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Ba + S | Eye Contour with Rollerball

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Specific Skin Concern: Eye Contour

Highly nutritive serum specially formulated for the delicate, thin skin of the eye contour. Rich in vitamins A, E & F and plant sterols, the magnificent Baobab oil targets all visible signs of aging around the fragile eye area, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Working as a quartet, Sarsaparilla, Palmarosa, Neroli and Lavender oils support smoother skin and help to reduce the appearance of puffiness & dark circles.

In aromatherapy, Sarsaparilla is known to be cheering and reassuring.

NEW Rollerball: A unique stainless steel applicator used for its extraordinary cooling effect. As you massage the roller on your eye area, tension is relieved and the coolness is delivered into the skin, helping to smooth the look of wrinkles and improve the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


Ba + S | Eye Contour with Rollerball

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