Top 5 Masks

Fan-tested and The Detox Market approved, these top 5 masks are a delicious (and much-needed) addition to your beauty routine! Brands like May Lindstrom, Odacite, One Love Organics, Josh Rosebrook and Mahalo make it easy to pamper your skin with powerful botanical masks that thoroughly draw out impurities and deliver vital nutrients to your skin. Address individual skin concerns or boost your anti-aging efforts for a glowing, radiant complexion.

Price: $70.00
Brand: Josh Rosebrook
Product: Cacao Antioxidant Mask
The Problem Solver is for breakout prone skin that is normal to oily. For the dryer or more sensitive skin types, a spot treatment of this mask is a better option than full face use.
This 45 minute in-home spa treatment shifts from invigorating the skin to drawing out toxins to calming revealing a smooth, clear complexion. It's proof that natural formulations can be incredibly results driven.
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Price: $64.00
Brand: Odacite
Product: Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Masque
The Synergie[4] perfecting masque calms inflammation for any skin condition looking for a gentle and effective refresh.
Most masks are unable to cater to four major skin concerns like the Synergie[4] can. To detox, exfoliate, plump and brighten all in one is a must-have miracle mask for all.
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The simple and effective powder scrub and mask is great for all skin types looking for a boost of gentle exfoliation in their skin routine.
A scrub and mask like the OLO brand new day is so multi-functional that it's easy to use on a daily basis as a mask, scrub or to boost to your nightly cleanser. The simple ingredients gently brighten and decongest for beautiful skin.
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