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Active Treatment Essence

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WHAT IT IS: A deeply-hydrating mist.

WHAT IT DOES: Spray and press the essence into the skin for healthy, bright, and supple skin.

  • Superfoods (Acerola, Moringa, and Kakadu Plum): These vitamin C-rich plants help to boost brightness in the skin.
  • Astringents (Pineapple, Nettle, and Papaya): Acting as exfoliants, these enzymatic plants help to clear impurities and keep skin in check.
  • Ancient Healers (Gotu Kola and Gingko Bilboa): Used for centuries to help soothe and support a balanced complexion.
WHY WE LOVE IT: This powerhouse essence boasts over 70 water-soluble nutrients to deliver award-winning results. From a five-week formulation process focused on the extraction, infusion, and fermentation of these nutrients to the application through the Pat/Press Method, it delivers optimal daily nourishment for a visible improvement to the skin's appearance.

Active Treatment Essence

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