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4 Tips To Hydrate From the Inside Out

There can be many signs throughout the day when our body tries to remind us to stay hydrated. It could be as simple as feeling thirsty or getting a headache, or it can show in our hair and skin. The balance of hydration is one that can be really difficult to master, but you can address it with a few simple steps:



Your skin is your largest organ and it requires just as much hydration as the rest of your organs. However, it is the last organ to absorb any water intake. Keeping up your water intake is important to make sure you don’t dehydrate everywhere. Electrolyte-rich waters such as coconut water can help provide a balance in fluid levels that benefit  your heart, nerves, and muscles. Having the right mineral content in your water is essential to proper absorption. Try adding The Beauty Chef Hydration elixir to your waterit’s infused with coconut water, aloe vera, and probiotics to give your skin a radiance boost. Adding a pinch of himalayan pink salt is an easy way to mineralize water as well.



Ever feel like you are non-stop drinking water yet you still can’t get enough? What you may not know is that you can eat your way to feeling more hydrated. From cucumbers and celery to different fruits like melons and applesall of these foods can help quench your thirst and alkalize your system. The right food combinations will also help your system digest properly so you are not overusing your water resources for other body functions. Add leafy greens to your meals to help break down meat and carbs. Also, avoid adding sugar or salt to your diet. Most of the time when we crave something sweet or salty it is really our bodies telling us that we are thirsty.



If you have ever tried washing your skin only to find the cleanser just soaks right in before you even lathered then that is a clear indicator that your skin is dehydrated. If your skin is trying to drink or absorb whatever you physically put on your skin it is physically lacking hydration. Avoid using overly drying ingredients in your cleanser and add water to help emulsify. If you add more product it will only clog your skin and be a waste of product. After you’ve cleansed, reach for a hydrating toner to balance your skin. Keeping a toner with you during the day to mist yourself is an ideal way to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.  Some must-haves for dehydrated skin include Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator mist that naturally plumps up the skin adding much needed moisture, as well as the Odacité Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème. This light moisturizer allows your serums to release slowly throughout the day, so you can infuse your cream with skin-quenching serums like the Odacité Pomegranate Rose Geranium facial serum. Simply add a few drops of your serum of choice to the cream, mix, and apply.


If you reach for a cup of coffee right when you wake up, you may not realize that your body will take much longer to rehydrate. At night we naturally dehydrate as we need to sweat and detox in our resting stage to reset for the next day. Reaching for a pH balancing drink will not only hydrate you, but also naturally energize you. This will start your day off on the right foot as your bowels will regulate, your cravings won’t stir to sugars and carbs, and you’ll notice more stable energy. A simple recipe is to drink warm water with lemon upon waking. Sticking with these tips can help you when you’re traveling, stressed, or experiencing a season change like transitioning to fall weather. Stay tuned to your body and you’ll be able to recognize the signs of what your body is asking you. After all, a great side effect of staying hydrated is a glowing complexion, so it’s all worth it.  
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