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The Light of Your Crown Chakra

“What we have not conquered in the past returns again and again, each time with slightly different faces but fundamentally always the same, until we have confronted the ancient knowledge and untied it.” - Satprem

The Crown chakra is the 7th chakra located at the crown of your head. It is your connection to the Divine, which is present both internally and externally. It is your connection to your higher self, your life purpose and knowing you are here for a reason. It starts with questioning what your purpose is, how you have come to be, and learning more about the Universe. Your life purpose is not about the goals you want to achieve, but what you learn along the way. It’s being able to freely flow through the motions of what life brings without attaching and holding on too tightly. We are constantly being taught and tested. Within every relationship, every subway encounter or coffee shop visit, the beauty of a flower or the way we handle ourselves during an uncomfortable situation. In all of this there are lessons brought to us to help reach a greater awakening, a great connection to our higher self, and a lesson that grows us up our path. You are on an incredible journey of getting to know your soul. It may take time (Divine timing is everything) to see the lesson and growth. But, be open to flowing and asking the questions your soul seeks answers for. We are all here, as one. when we realize this we understand that to be our true self is to be present in our purpose encouraging ourselves and those around us to do the same.   crown, crown chakra, chakra, soul, soulful, meditation, daya saba, reiki, reiki master, the detox market, seventh chakra, affirmations

Element: Thought

Purpose: Understanding

Colour: Violet

In Balance:

Spiritual Connection


Feeling like you’re on the right path



Rigid belief systems

Excess in lower chakras - i.e. materialism and greed


Separation from the physical


Basic Rights: To know and to learn


I am guided by my higher power

I belong where I am

My inner wisdom guides me

I am divine

Blocks in this chakra can come in the physical form of migraines, attachment, avoidance, to name a few. When experiencing signs of blockages, or to incorporate balance practices in this chakra try these three things to help balance your crown chakra: MEDITATION The most essential tool. It increases productivity, decreases stress, and allows for overall balance. It is important to not force a state of meditation, but to learn what works best for you. Since there are so many different ways to achieve this, find what speaks clearest to you. It could be walking, breath work, mantras, concentrating on an image or candle flame, or silence. Start out slow and increase your time. This could mean 5 minutes a day to start. Set a timer and allow time for this connection. As you grow more aware and awake increase the amount of time you spend in meditation. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH “What I Know For Sure” - the term coined by Oprah (and one of her books) is really an incredible exercise. What has your soul experienced to be true? What truths do you fully embody? With ego aside, what is it that your heart sings for. To acknowledge this is to acknowledge the truth and depths of your higher self, the Divine that resides within you. Practice listening to your gut instincts, your intuition. It is an incredible freedom to feel and live within your truth. CLEANSING You can do this in a meditation or seated position, or even in the shower as the water runs down your body. Start at the crown of your head. Imagine a beautiful white light entering from your Crown Chakra. From there, allow it to melt down the entirety of your face, the back of your head, down your neck, shoulders, arms and chest. Continuing to move down your back, your stomach, your hips and thighs, down your knees, lowers legs, ankles, feet and out the soles of your feet. Repeat this as many times as you need. It’s an incredible way to start your day. Move any energies that don’t belong out of your system making way for your energy to flow properly.


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