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The Edit

The Edit: How Rose-Marie Swift Celebrates the Holidays

We asked clean beauty’s fairy godmother and founder of namesake brand, Rose-Marie Swift, about her life before, during, and after the holiday season

TDM: What is your love language?

RMS: Food.

TDM: Favorite winter drink?

RMS: Grand Marnier and hot chocolate is a secret love of mine.

TDM: What’s your go-to hostess gift?

RMS: I love to gift a little RMS. Whether that be a mini Beauty Oil or a lovely Tinted Daily Lip Balm—you really can’t go wrong!

TDM: Describe your ideal winter night in 3 words.

RMS: Snow, fireplace, and Ruby Moon (my furry pride & joy!)

TDM: What’s the most Aquarius thing about you?

RMS: My thought process, my drive for aesthetics, and how I march to the beat of my own drum.

As Rose-Marie said, Aquarians are aesthetically- driven and like to push boundaries—kind of like the ReEvolve Natural Finish Liquid Foundation, a skincare-infused foundation stored in sleek, refillable packaging.

TDM: You can only have one dish from a holiday meal, which are you choosing?

RMS: Roast chicken.

TDM: Are you planning to stay in or go out for NYE?

RMS: I never do NYE out, I prefer to be at home.

Whether you’ll be at home or are planning to head out, pack on a shade of Eyelights Cream Eyeshadow for an eye look that’s worth celebrating.

TDM: Who’s playing you in a biopic of your life?

RMS: Silly question. There’s only one Rose-Marie Swift!

TDM: What’s your current lip color obsession?

RMS: Wild With Desire in RMS Red always—a red lip never goes out of style.

TDM: What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?

RMS: A delicate string of pearls.

Talking about clean beauty is our love language.