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The Edit: How to Create the Perfect Relaxing Bath Routine

Show your S.O. some TLC by treating them to a well-curated wind-down for when the days get long (and the to-do lists get even longer).

1. Don’t let clutter kill the mood. Prep the bathroom by removing kids’ toys and laundry, and turning off the noisy bathroom fan.

2. Leave a good first impression by set- ting a calm vibe with candles, tea (or a glass of wine!), and maybe even a bowl of tubside berries or chocolates.

3. Take the at-home spa experience to the next level with a luxurious Crush Bath Soak that doesn’t collect at the bottom of the tub. Want to take things up a notch? Add flower petals and Bubble Elixir for a bath full of big, creamy bubbles—like the iconic scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts lis- tens to Prince in the tub.

Get that iconic Julia moment with this playlist:

  • Kiss - Prince
  • Care for You - The Marías Skin - Dijon
  • Mrs. - Leon Bridges

4. Score some bonus points by leaving a fluffy towel, plush robe, and soft slippers bath-side as a finishing touch—it’ll feel like you’re waiting there with a hug.

5. Don’t skimp on après- bath R&R. Give them the space to cool down sans devices before sending them on the path from bath to bed

Crush-Worthy Bath Soaks

Bathorium - Ancient Oat Hydration Crush

Caress the body in warm vanilla, calendula flowers, and rice milk.

Bathorium - Charcoal Garden Detox Crush

Calm holiday nerves with relaxing sweet basil, lavender, and sea salts.

Bathorium - Northern Sage Recovery Crush

Nix impurities with glacial clay and detoxifying sage, pine, and menthol.

Talking about clean beauty is our love language.