Province Apothecary Organic Cotton Face Cloth
Province Apothecary Organic Cotton Face Cloth

Organic Cotton Face Cloth

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This two-pack of Organic Cotton Face Cloths is ideal for gently removing dirt and makeup. Each reusable cloth has one smooth side and one lightly textured side. Perfect for all skin types.
How To Use
Combine 2-4 pumps of cleanser with a bit of water and warm between your palms. Apply cleanser evenly all over face + neck. Massage into the skin. Gently massage cleanser onto eyes and lips if you’re wearing makeup. Dampen your face cloth with warm water. Use the rougher side to remove makeup from face, neck, eyes + lips. Rinse cloth with medium-hot water. Steam your face by gently pressing the smooth side of the warm cloth onto your entire face. Wipe the cloth over entire face + neck to remove all excess cleanser.

100% Canadian Cotton

7" x 8"
Pack of 2