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Happy Gum Drops Oil Swishing Serum 50ml

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Take your smile to the spa with Living Libations Happy Gum Drops Oil Swishing Serum and anoint your oral ecology with a garland of pure plant botanicals. A natural mouthwash alternative, every ingredient is selected to balance, clean, refresh, and invigorate the mouth. Oil pulling, also known as oil swishing, is all the rage, yet this ancient practice was used by every Ayurvedic Sage. Since time immemorial, oil swishing has been used to achieve healthy teeth and gums without a toothbrush or toothpaste! Simply swish a squirt of these action-ready drops for ten minutes for a deep clean and extra purifying oral care regime. This swishing serum is brimming with botanical-biotics ready to bolster and balance your mouth.

Coconut Oil - Cocos Nucifera, Seabuckthorn Berry - Hippophae Rhamnoides, Rose Otto - Rosa Damascena, Peppermint - Mentha Piperita, Clove Bud - Eugenia Carophyllata, Cinnamon - Cinnamomum Ceylanicum, Tea Tree - Malaleuca Alternifolia, Sweet Thyme - Thymus Linalool, Ubiquinol Co-Enzyme Q10 - Coq10, Oregano - Origanum Vulgare
1. Swish Happy Gum Drops Oil Swishing Serum for ten minutes, once a day. 2. Spit

Living Libations is the culmination of beauty philosopher and aromacologist Nadine Artemis and her journey into the world of green beauty. What started at a young age—when Nadine began mixing essential oils together to recreate the scents of popular perfumes—quickly became a full-time passion. Today, Nadine uses botanically-powered ingredients to formulate ultra-nourishing balms, deeply hydrating hair care and antioxidant-rich oils that are as effective as they are harmonizing for mind, body and soul. All wildcrafted botanicals used and sold by Living Libations are distilled only from the named plant matter, which is collected from the plants' natural habitat in lieu of a farm—resulting in potent and deliciously aromatic products that both deliver and deeply nourish.



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