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Iconic Edition Compact Cheek

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The Iconic case started the Kjaer Weis refill system 10 years ago. Architecturally stunning and durable, it is made of an alloy of zinc together with aluminum, magnesium and copper.
This plastic-free, reusable compact can hold Kjaer Weis' award-winning Cream Blush, Cream Glow and Flush & Glow.
Refills are sold separately.

"How to choose: First, choose your product and shade, and then choose your case (Red Edition or Iconic Edition) to customize your Kjaer Weis product sustainably and complete your makeup look. How to fill: Simply place the refill tin into the empty Iconic Edition case. The magnet inside will keep your product in place. How to refill: Open up your compact, and turn it facing down. You will see a small hole. Using a pin, push through the hole until the used makeup cartridge is dislodged. Insert the new makeup refill into the Iconic Edition compact. Both the tin and the refill carton can be recycled. You Kjaer Weis makeup is ready to use, again!"

Kjaer Weis is a visionary and forward-thinking cosmetics line created by Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis. It’s a brand that recognizes health and beauty equally, while also being socially responsible. When creating the cosmetic colors for Kjaer Weis, Kirsten’s years of experience resulted in a tightly edited collection of products and hues. Kirsten believes the best use of makeup is simply to enhance a woman’s natural beauty with pure and organic ingredients.

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