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Energy Awakening Evergreen Bath Soak

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Energize your mood from fatigue to vitality with a luxurious Ayurvedic bath soak, formulated with detoxifying Himalayan Crystal Salt and hydrating oils infused with rejuvenating Rosemary and Eucalyptus to boost the mind, body, and spirit. Himalayan Crystal Salt works to detoxify your body and energy field with over 84 essential minerals to raise your vibrational energy and help melt away daily stress and tension. Epsom Salts, full of magnesium, melt away the day's tension and soothe aching muscles. Moringa Oil effortlessly moisturizes with its hydrating properties. Seaweed, one of nature's most timeless treasures, enhances vitality. Rosemary, 'the herb of joy,' cleanses the spirit and Eucalyptus clears toxins, for ultimate wellbeing.

Energy Awakening Evergreen Bath Soak

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