The Best Winter Serums and Oils

Give your moisturizer or balm an extra dose of hydration with a serum or oil. Not only are they great sidekicks for amping up moisture, but they also provide nourishing and fortifying benefits (hello, vitamins and antioxidants!) to help defend against skin barrier-weakening environmental stressors.

The Best Winter Moisturizers and Balms

Don’t skip on moisturizer this time of year. In fact, the thicker and more emollient the formula, the better. Swap out lighter gels and lotions for creams and balms to protect your skin barrier from the chilling air and keep moisture locked in. Just remember to wear SPF on top!

The Best Winter Treatments and Masks

After a long day braving the cold, sometimes your skin can use a little extra TLM (tender, love, and moisture). Give it exactly what it craves with a balmy treatment or face mask to sort out dry spots and redness, and let your skin bask in the glory of deep hydration. Better yet, do this all while soaking in a warm bath!

The Best Winter Cleansers

Your cleanser sets up the rest of your skincare products for success, so it’s essential to choose wisely, especially in the colder months. Set aside purifying foams and gels, which can leave your skin feeling tight, and seek comforting creams and oils that gently cleanse while replenishing skin with nutrients and moisture.

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