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The Best Mascara Wands

So. many. mascaras. It can be tricky to figure out the best match for your lashes. Seeking long-term growth, serious definition, or short-term volume? We’re here to play matchmaker with an easy guide to finding your best lash-lover. Get ready to swipe right on a magic wand for achieving your desired look.

SEEKING SEPARATION? GO FOR: The Best Mascara Wand for Separating Lashes

WHY IT’S MAGICAL: Take advantage of this dual-sided recycled nylon brush by using the curved side to build incredible volume, followed by the flat side for serious length and definition.


GO FOR: The Best Mascara Wand for Lengthening Lashes

WHY IT’S MAGICAL: This award-winning mascara gets credit for its patented dual-sided brush. Use the shorter side to curl and boost volume and the comb-like side to lift, lengthen, and separate.


GO FOR: The Best Mascara Wand for Volumizing Lashes

WHY IT’S MAGICAL: Like the bodybuilder of mascara wands, this large, fluffy brush snatches all your lashes at once and builds endless volume with just enough definition to avoid clumps.

Can’t get rid of clumps? Each tube of mascara comes with a wiping ring for a reason. As you pull out the brush, wipe it against the ring a few times to remove excess product for a nice, even coat before applying.


GO FOR: The Best Mascara Wand for Defining Lashes

WHY IT’S MAGICAL: The first brush made without microplastics (you heard that right!) is designed to lengthen and define lashes while providing just the right amount of thickness.


GO FOR: The Best Mascara Wand for Growing Lashes

WHY IT’S MAGICAL: This daily treatment is formulated with haircare actives like peptides and provitamin B5 to naturally expedite lash (and brow!) growth over time. Apply it along the lash line, sweep from root to tip and witness the magic.

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