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10-The Detox Market
10-The Detox Market

The Bathtime Bliss Detox Box


Fall has arrived, and with days getting shorter, you may feel the stress of getting to-do lists done before sun-down. To help you hit the reset button, we curated a box of four cozy self-care essentials that help you soak the weight of the day away.

What's Inside

10-The Detox Market

Tease - Self Care Elixir

$22 VALUE | 37 g

Why You Need It: Moringa is known to calm the nervous system to melt away the stress of the day—it’s like meditation in a cup! Plus, you’re sure to fall for the delicious notes of orange, cinnamon and strawberry leaf designed by a certified tea sommelier. 

10-The Detox Market

LOHN - OEST Forage Candle

$44 VALUE |  7.5 oz | 212g

Why You Need It: Scented candles stimulate the limbic system in the brain involved in emotional responses, while the flickering ambient light instills a sense of serenity. Relieve stress with a black pepper and rosemary scent that transports you to a cool and calm coastline.

10-The Detox Market

Bathorium- Mineral Clay Soaks Trio

$42 VALUE | 3 x 330g

Why You Need It: Aside from relieving muscle tightness and providing aromatherapy benefits, bath soaks can soothe, refresh, and repair both body and mind. This trio is formulated with French Clay to gently clarify ​​and rebalance skin while you soak your worries away.

10-The Detox Market

Bathorium - Palo Santo Burning Bundle


Why You Need It: Palo Santo has been used by Shamanic healers for centuries to purify, attract positive energy, and bring peace. For a safe-burning experience, blow out the flame and let the aromatic smoke envelop your body to cleanse your spirit.

*Kindly note that we are unable to accommodate special requests regarding the contents of your box. We appreciate your understanding.

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