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11-The Detox Market
11-The Detox Market

The Hair Essentials Detox Box

Featuring Nécessaire

Fall has arrived, but that doesn’t mean hair fall should be on your calendar. Keep your scalp healthy and hydrated with a trio of multi-award winning strand-strengtheners to restore harmony to your hair and get you in the festive styling spirit. 


Randi Christiansen and Nick Axelrod

Nécessaire is redefining body care with high-performance products that strips your routine back to only what is necessary. The minimalist and genderless brand has quickly attracted a cult-following and has won over 84 beauty awards to date.



Beauty industry veterans, Randi Christiansen of Estée Lauder, and Nick Axelrod of Into the Gloss, joined forces to redefine clean beauty by creating an award-winning body care collection featuring only necessary products and ingredients. Built on the belief that clean and effective skincare shouldn’t stop at your neck, Nécessaire built the cult-fave minimalist brand that has grown to become B-Corp Certified and beloved by beauty editors around the globe.

What's Inside

11-The Detox Market

Nécessaire - The Shampoo

$28 VALUE | 8.4 fl. oz

Why You Need It: A good shampoo should never dry you out! This formula is like a multivitamin for your hair: the hyaluronic acid, vitamin B and aloe vera based lather removes build-up and and strengthens strands for hair that is gently cleansed and never stripped.

11-The Detox Market

Nécessaire - The Conditioner

$28 VALUE | 8.4 fl. oz.

Why You Need It: Conditioner is the most important step in your hair care routine—especially during cold and dry months. This formula deeply nourishes both scalp and strands alike by smoothing the cuticle and providing much-needed moisture. Plus, Nécessaire’s haircare trio is formulated with ApiScalpⓇ— a soothing elixir derived from celery seed to minimize hair thinning.

11-The Detox Market

Nécessaire - The Scalp Serum

$58 VALUE | 2 fl. oz.

Why You Need It: Cold temperatures can lead to scalp dryness and hair fall, meaning there’s no better time to reach for a restorative 5% biomimetic peptide treatment to help promote healthy hair growth. Not only does this leave-in serum give the appearance of fuller, thicker, and healthier looking hair, but also helps defend against winter dryness.

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