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07-The Detox Market
08-The Detox Market

Sea the Lift Detox Box


The dog days of summer are here—which means puffy, swollen, and sagging skin— on top of sun damage being the leading cause of premature aging. Restore youthful definition to your cheekbones and jawline with the revolutionary skincare technology proven to tighten, lift, and firm your skin rapidly.


Hillary Peterson

True Botanicals is dedicated to delivering clean and sustainable products that boast clinical efficacy. The innovative skincare line prioritizes your well-being with biocompatible actives, pure and potent ingredients, with zero fillers or toxins.



When founder Hillary Peterson was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she looked for every way possible to better support her health—starting with her beauty products. Frustrated by the lack of toxic-free skincare options, Hillary embarked on a mission to deliver safe, sustainable, and high-performance skincare that was backed by leading industry experts. True Botanicals is her commitment to challenging the beauty industry’s status quo, and providing you with beautifully effective skincare solutions.

What's Inside

08-The Detox Market

SuperSEA Firming & Lifting Treatment

$188 VALUE  1 oz. | 30 ml

Why You Need It: Intense summer heat puts skin under stress—not to mention sun damage being the number one cause of premature aging. You need a natural biocompatible skincare treatment, clinically proven to tighten, lift, and firm skin rapidly and over time. 

Tip to Lift: It’s never too late (or too early!) to benefit from firming and lifting skincare. Keep skin youthful by applying directly to areas impacted by fine lines and sagging, such as cheekbones, jawline, neck, and forehead.

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