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The We 💚 Earth Detox Box


Celebrate Earth Month with a box of trailblazing beauty brands leading the way with out-of-this world packaging and formulas. These minimalist essentials may be groundbreaking, but rest assured they’re ultra-gentle on you, and our planet. 

What's Inside

04-The Detox Market

Good Juju - Shampoo Bar for Balanced Hair

$21.99 VALUE | 2.5oz | 71g

Why You Need It: Unlike liquid shampoos that can contain as much as 95% water, this plastic-free, solid formula contains highly-concentrated, hair-loving ingredients with none of the unnecessary filler. Get stronger, shinier strands with three times the amount of washes per bar!

Clean Callout: 1 Bar = 3 Bottles of Shampoo!

04-The Detox Market

Axiology - Balmie in Rosé

$15 VALUE | 12oz | 3.4g

Why You Need It: This one-stick-wonder may appear small, but don’t let its zero-waste exterior fool you. Packaged in recycled paper, this plastic-free, lid-to-lip balmie blends kokum butter and sunflower wax for a longwearing matte finish—even on oily skin types! 

Clean Callout: Waste-Free 3-in-1 Multistick!

04-The Detox Market

ĀTHR Beauty - Manifest Palette

$58 VALUE | .56oz | 15.9g

Why You Need It: Infused with wise and calming Amethyst crystal powder, this set of 12 highly-pigmented, light-reflecting rosy tones blend with ease due to their nourishing organic coconut oil and shea butter base. Once you hit the bottom of the pan, you can recycle the entirety of the mirror and magnet free packaging.  

Clean Callout: First-Ever Zero-Waste Palette!

04-The Detox Market

Everist - Waterless Body Wash Concentrate

$24 VALUE | 3.4oz | 100ml

Why You Need It: Kiss your single-use plastic body wash bottles goodbye! This gently cleansing concentrated body wash blends aloe vera and bergamot oil to unclog pores and hydrate, without stripping the skin. Plus, its waterless formula means an entire bottle of soap fits into a compact travel-size aluminum tube. 

Clean Callout: Waterless Formula with a Turn-Key!

04-The Detox Market

Everist - Konjac Body Sponge


Why You Need It: You’d never guess this luxurious, ultra-soft shower sponge is made from 100% natural konjac plant fibers, a porous root vegetable native to Asia. This fully biodegradable, gentle exfoliator is naturally alkaline, meaning you’ll exit the shower with perfectly soft and balanced skin after each wash. 

Clean Callout: Plant-Based and Biodegradable!

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