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Using pure and potent botanical ingredients, this skincare collection nourishes and heals on a cellular level for beauty and wellness that radiates from within.




West Palm Beach, Florida


When Tammy became an aesthetician over 25 years ago, the all-natural products she wanted to use on her clients didn’t exist. After extensive research on plant science, traditional healing, holistic medicine, and medicinal chemistry, she began blending her own signature formulas in her kitchen.


Star sign?


Power color?

I wear white almost every day, which feels so good living in the Florida heat.

Favorite flower?

I adore all flowers, but there are three that I am especially drawn to: the white lily, red rose, and the orange blossom. Please don’t ask me to choose only one!

How do you unwind?

I spend time each day in meditation and in prayer, but I’m also drawn to movement and dance—everything from ballroom dance to sacred dance—and I have a longtime love for Kundalini yoga.

Biggest skin no-no?

Overworking the skin. Skin needs downtime. Most often in the treatment room I’m helping clients to simplify their daily routine in order to let the skin simply be.

Best skin habit?

Reading the label on anything you are considering using on your skin. What we put onto our skin—our largest organ—is just as important as what we eat.

Go-to snack?

A perfectly ripe sliced avocado with lemon and olive oil.

Guilty pleasure?

Really good dark chocolate, though I don’t feel especially guilty about it!

Preferred getaway spot?

I love spending time in the French countryside, especially visiting the centuries-old medicinal gardens there. Our family also loves the Bahamas, where I lived many years ago, and where I have learned so much about traditional healing.

Surprising skill?

Because I admire the Ayurvedic tradition, I’ve been working on my Indian cooking, using plenty of fresh herbs from the garden—it’s pretty delicious! I love the way these flavors come together.

Most treasured book?

This is the most difficult question, because I am obsessed with books, typically reading at least 3 at a time. A favorite series, however, is The Ringing Cedars Of Russia.

Introvert or extrovert?


Smartest business advice?

Do what you love with consideration for the earth and all involved.