The Best Sustainable Beauty Swaps with Less Packaging Waste

An easy place to start when seeking more sustainable options? Look for either zero-waste packaging or significantly less to help quit the seemingly never-ending toss-out—and cut your waste bin some slack.

The Best Sustainable Beauty Swaps with Recyclable Packaging

Whether it’s aluminum, glass, or PCR plastic, good things come in recyclable packaging. If you don’t have a way to repurpose it (which we always recommend!), separate the components and recycle them according to the packaging or your local guidelines.

The Best Sustainable Beauty Swaps with Refillable Packaging

Lately, there has been so much inventiveness in the refill space, allowing you to buy the main product once and replenish it when it runs out. And with so many brands stepping up their packaging game (hello, beautiful glass and metal containers!), you won’t want to part ways with them.

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