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The Detox Box Skincare Samples Bag

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  • 3 samples of your choice(one sample per product)

  • Only $7.99 + shipping

  • Samples are a great way to find the right match for your skin tone, try a new pop of color, or see if you like the consistency and scent of a product. It can also be helpful to gauge your skin's response to the product. One sample provides one to two uses, depending on the product.

    What's in the bag?

    Your sample kit will include different sample containers depending on your product selection. From serum vials to mini spray bottles, we’ve got everything you need.

    sample-bag-makeup-The Detox Market


    sample-bag-skincare-The Detox Market


    sample-bag-haircare-The Detox Market


    How do I select my Samples?

    STEP 1

    Go to any product page you would love to sample. Please note some products are not available to sample.

    STEP 2

    Click on the 'SAMPLE IT' button to add a product sample in your cart.

    STEP 3

    Repeat with 2 other products and complete your order in Checkout. You are good to go!

    What can I sample?

    On each product page, you can select a sample by clicking on "Sample it". We’d love for you to try most of our products but due to restrictions in packaging, we have a few excluded items. (Alima Pure powders, Kjaer Weis eye shadows, Perfumes, Supplements, teas, food, mascaras, eyeliners, nail polishes, bath soaks, wipes, bundles and any other item that can not be sampled.

    When will I receive it?

    Please note that samples are made-to-order to ensure that you receive the freshest, most beautiful products to your door, this is why sample orders will generally take about 7 business days to be fulfilled and shipped out to you. To avoid holding up the rest of your order, your samples will be shipped separately. NOTE: Samples are not valid for refunds and/or exchanges.