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The Hottest Spring Makeup Trends!

From glossy lips and amped up feathery brows to playful eyes and sun-kissed complexions, these are the emerging trends we see all over the runways, our Instagram feeds, and TV screens for the new season. Here’s our take on these #trending looks and the natural, clean beauty products you need to get your hands on to achieve them.

The Hottest Spring Makeup Trend #1: All about gloss

How-To Get It: Glosses, balms, and oils with nourishing, skincare-infused ingredients that are naturally shiny and wet-looking.

MAKE IT POUT: Pair your favorite gloss with a nude liner that’s a bit darker than your natural lip color, overlining them slightly for an even poutier look. Be sure to exfoliate and apply lip balm regularly for a smooth application!

The Hottest Spring Makeup Trend #2: Full-on feathery brows

How-To Get It: Brow gels, pencils, and serums infused with natural actives that fill, lift, and lengthen hairs to new heights. 

NATURAL BROW LIFT: Use your brow gel or a plain spoolie to brush hairs against the direction of their natural growth pattern, feathering out the front hairs to achieve extra lift and volume.

The Hottest Spring Makeup Trend #3: Playful, euphoric eyes

How-To Get It: Make your eyes pop with glitter shadow, graphic liner, and colorful mascara made with clean, cruelty-free ingredients. 

SMALL SWAPS, BIG IMPACT: Want to experiment with this trend without going all out? Simply swap in one of these products, like a color mascara or liner instead of black or brown, for a more subtle yet eye-catching look.

The Hottest Spring Makeup Trend #4: A fresh face base

How-To Get It: Blur the lines between skincare and makeup with these essential base products for an au naturel complexion—like your skin but elevated.

SAY I DEW: Want to really mesh your base products with your skin? Swap your makeup brush for a sponge and spray it lightly with a mist or essence for a dewy application. Or use your fingertips for the most skin-like look!

The Hottest Spring Makeup Trend #5: Sun-kissed, cohesive complexion

How-To Get It: Get that post-vacation glow all season (without basking in the sun!) with multi-use products for eyes, lips, and cheeks.

ONE PRODUCT DOES ALL: Thanks to their natural formulas, these multitasking products are safe to use all over the face, allowing you to create a cohesive look that highlights the spots you would naturally be kissed by the sun (think nose, cheeks, and forehead!)