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Most Innovative Refills

Been looking to streamline your beauty routine and make it more eco-conscious? Refillable packaging is the perfect place to start. With so many brands releasing inventive options (hi beautiful glass jars, sleek tubes, and minimalist pumps!) it’s easy to make the switch to refillable beauty and feel good about it too. What are you waiting for? Discover our list of the most innovative refillable clean beauty swaps.

Most Innovative Refill: Mascara

(RE)FILL-IN THE DETAILS: You should replace your mascara every three months for sanitary purposes, which is why a refillable option is a no-brainer to cut back on waste! This refillable mascara features an iconic red metal case and a recycled nylon brush (the first of its kind!) for high-impact volume and desirable length. What more could you ask for?

Most Innovative Refill: Lipstick

(RE)FILL-IN THE DETAILS: Elevate your lipstick application experience while doing good by the planet. A variety of luxurious, upcycled leather cases (plus, a vegan option!) house these lipstick refills which come encased in recyclable paper packaging just waiting to be unwrapped, popped in, and put on a pout!

Most Innovative Refill: Moisturizer

(RE)FILL-IN THE DETAILS: A gemstone-inspired, palm-sized glass jar holds a refillable pod of this sea vitamin-infused hydrator, which you simply remove and replace for a new one to continue enjoying the product’s beauty and benefits.

Most Innovative Refill: Retinol

(RE)FILL-IN THE DETAILS: Once your skin has soaked in the last drop of this retinol alternative, exchange the empty tube with a new one, attaching it to the sleek pump for a streamlined skincare step. Simply pop, swap, and go get those age-defying results!

Most Innovative Refill: Hand Sanitizer

(RE)FILL-IN THE DETAILS: The spouted refill pouch tops up the minimalist pump—designed to look like a decorative Sonos speaker—with the plant-powered hydrating gel (not once, but twice!) for a double-dose of eco-mindful germ defense.

Most Innovative Refill: For Your Hand Soap

(RE)FILL-IN THE DETAILS: Keep the soap’s chic glass bottle around longer by indulging in the refill jug for eight times the amount of gorgeously-scented nourishment. We know it looks that good by your sink!

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