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A high-performance cosmetics range that delivers gorgeous color, exceptional wear, and a luxurious experience. Founder Meryl Marshall shares, “I want a brand that doesn’t compromise someone’s skin or health for the sake of a longer shelf life or a cheaper formulation.”




Manalapan, New Jersey


The definition of resilient, Meryl is a 9/11 widow and breast cancer survivor who transformed her life’s challenges into a positive mission to bring joy to other women’s lives. Her journey to find healthy, safe makeup inspired the creation of Hynt Beauty—everyday, non-toxic makeup basics.


Home town?

Brooklyn, NY

Childhood hero?

My mother, always so smart, gracious and emotionally strong during tough times.

Dream getaway?

Exploring new places. Listening to steel drums with a magical drink by the beach or on a cruise ship.

Comfort food?

Pasta, which I hardly ever eat anymore but it’s delish for a splurge now and then.

Healthiest habit?

Washing my face, and brushing and flossing my teeth every night before bed.

Best beauty tip?

Wear SPF! I’m a firm believer in protecting skin from the sun.

Secret talent?

I love to knit.

Pet peeve?

Inconsiderate people.

Desert island product?

Hynt Beauty Sun Prep.

Always in your bag?


What makes you grateful?

I have lost so many people that I loved, so I am grateful for my loving, supportive husband and our three sons who make me very proud.

Greatest challenge?

Squeezing in ‘me time,’ as I work many hours it can be difficult.

Greatest joy?

Being able to make a difference in how women perceive and value their health and beauty.

Unexpected inspiration?

Beautiful, fine jewelry.

Life motto?

Get up and keep moving forward.