Brand story



Julia and Alex


By ethically sourcing the best ingredients the planet has to offer, Herbivore Botanicals creates good-for-you products that uplift the mind and benefit the body.


Seattle, Washington




Looking for ways to help Alex’s eczema, Julia turned to her natural medicine training to create a gentle soap. It was so effective, they decided to combine Alex’s design skills with Julia’s plant knowledge, and Herbivore Botanicals was born.


Favorite tradition?

A: Birthday trips! Julia and I usually head to the desert since our birthdays are in December and April, both particularly rainy months in Seattle where we live.

Wake up routine?

J: Drink water and chai tea, then do some deep breathing, meditation, or yoga if I have time.
A: I like to do a crossword in bed to wake up my brain and take my miniature poodle Monte for a walk to wake up my body. Then an Earl Grey tea—always iced!

Wind down routine?

J: Take a bath.
A: Walk the dog, play guitar—really anything to calm my mind so I can prepare for sleep.

Introvert or extrovert?

J: Introvert.
A: I’m a wannabe introvert because I like the mystery, but I’m an obvious extrovert. No mystery here!

Theme song?

“Crystal” by Fleetwood Mac.
A: “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd. I listen to it before anything that has me feeling nervous—it pumps me up!

Happy place?

J: The beach.
A: Out in nature. The woods, the beach, the mountains—natural beauty inspires me!

Worst skincare habit someone could have (and maybe they don’t realize)?

J: Not reading ingredients and not wearing SPF.

Best skincare advice you can give?

A: Keep it simple, and pay attention to what you’re putting on your skin! Drink lots of water and stick with a routine.


J: Love yourself.
A: I make a positive difference and I trust my own instincts.