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Brand story



Laura Xiao


A Swedish-inspired line of exquisitely crafted, organic lip care products that merge a chic Scandinavian aesthetic with nourishing Nordic botanicals. In other words: next-level lip luxury.




Las Vegas, Nevada


Influenced by her second home, Sweden, Laura developed an appreciation for pure, natural ingredients and the beauty in simplicity. She channelled this minimalistic approach into her line of clean, high-performance formulas that deliver the ultimate lip service.



Changsha, China.

Morning ritual?

Morning cuddles with the hubby, then a workout.

Favorite app?

Zillow—I find browsing houses to be very relaxing.

Star sign?


Caffeine fix?

I really enjoy tea, but coffee’s my first love. Dark roast all the way!

Go-to podcast?

The Joe Rogan Experience. I’m a little MMA-obsessed, so I love when he has fighters on.

Shower song?

“Electricity” by Silk City and Dua Lipa ft. Diplo and Mark Ronson.

Secret to flow?

Gratitude, prayer, meditation, love, and my husband’s support.

Dream dinner date?

An outdoor spring picnic in the Swiss Alps.

Fondest memory?

When my husband and I decided to commit to a long-distance relationship despite the odds and naysayers. Fourteen years later, here we are!

Biggest inspiration?

Different people in my life—some inspire me because of their mental strength, some with their kindness, etc.

Life motto?

I’ll see it when I believe it.