Start by hydrating skin with the Best Winter Primer

A holy grail among makeup artists (thanks to its multifunctional formula!), this nourishing cream can be used to moisturize and prime skin for makeup, applying it like you would a highlighter—along your cheekbones, brow bone, and down the bridge of your nose. Just be sure to avoid the undereye area as it’s a tad too rich for that delicate skin!

Next, layer on dewy coverage with the Best Winter Foundation

Shake this lightly-tinted face oil well before use to emulsify the pigment for a perfect, cohesive blend with every application. Press the oil into your skin using your fingers or blot it with a makeup sponge for a natural, even-looking finish.

Dab on a balmy flush with the Best Winter Blush

Cream blush is ideal for getting that rosy, winter-bitten color without highlighting dry patches like a powder would. Using a stippling brush, apply the product to the apples of your cheeks working upwards. No brush? Fingers work just as well—just be sure they’re clean of other products.

Pat on creamy lids with the Best Winter Eyeshadow

Dispense a small amount (a little goes a long way!) onto the back of your hand and use a brush to blend outward, buffing and diffusing the pigment across your lids. This crease-proof, buildable formula is long-wearing but dries down fast—so you'll want to work quickly.

Don’t forget to brush your arches with the Best Winter Brow Gel

Begin at the center of your brow, comb the product through until you meet the tail, and then fluff up the front. Brushing upwards and outwards creates a fuller, bolder look.

Then, sweep through lashes with the Best Winter Mascara

Starting at the base of your lash line, pull upward to coat each hair evenly. Continue this motion—doing the same for those shorter hairs you may have missed at the corners—until you’ve achieved your desired look. Tip: Before applying, scrape excess product against the lip of the tube to remove any clumps.

Finally, seal in a plump pout with the Best Winter Lipstick

You’ll want the center of your mouth to have the most concentrated pigment, so start there. Then, glide the applicator towards the corners of your lips until you have just the right amount of color. We suggest layering a tinted lip serum over your fave lipstick for an eye-catching, glossy look.