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The Best Festival-Ready Makeup Products

Festival season is here, and with it comes an opportunity to play with your look and express yourself through your makeup. From shimmery, bronzed skin to metallic, lined eyes, this makeup look proves that it’s fun to be clean. Here are the products and steps you need to achieve it.

The Best Festival-Ready Skincare Base

Step 1: Apply an effortless sun-kissed glow

How-To: Add these hyaluronic acid-infused bronzing drops into your moisturizer or SPF for a hint of goddess-like luminosity. We also love dabbing it onto the high points of the face—think cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow, and collarbone!

The Best Festival-Ready Eyeshadow

Step 2: Dab on metallic, foil-like lids

How-To: Buildable yet lightweight, these crease-proof eyeshadows are perfect for long days at the festival. Simply apply the desired amount of pigment with your finger, using a blending brush to diffuse it across the entire lid. 

MAKE YOUR EYES SING: Add some fun glitter across the lids or lash line and stick on some face jewels for an eye-catching pop of shimmer.

The Best Festival-Ready Eyeliner

Step 2: Line the eyes with joyful color

How-To: Pair your metallic lids with a pop of colorful liner. Simply glide the buttery-soft formula across your lash line, using your finger or a smudger brush, if you desire a more smoky finish. Feel free to take it across the lower lash line for a cohesive gaze 

The Best Festival-Ready Mascara

Step 2: Brush on show-stopping lashes

How-To: Pack on intensely black, lusciously long lashes that won’t budge throughout the day (unless you’re planning on shedding a few tears!). Use the silicone wand to separate and coat each lash, building it from light to dramatic.

The Best Festival-Ready Two-in-One

Step 5: Add a pop of balmy color to lips and cheeks.

How-To: Use a stippling brush to dab the pigment onto the cheeks followed by your fingers to pat the product onto the lips for a seamless pop of balmy color. Keep it in your festival bag or pouch for touch-ups during the day.

MATCH IT UP: Paint your nails the same shade as your lip and cheek color to tie the look together, or take it a step further with your outfit!

The Best Festival-Ready Highlighter

Step 6: Sweep on an out-of-this-world glow

How-To: A little goes a long way with this high-intensity highlighter. Gently tap on this glistening cream highlighter to the high points of the face for a show-stopping, wet-looking glow.

The Best Festival-Ready Bronzer

Step 7: Dust on desert-like warmth 

How-To: Sweep this moisturizing, talc-free bronzer across your face where the sun would naturally hit—think across the forehead, down the nose, and across the tip of the chin. Don’t forget to bring it down your neck!

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