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The Best Frizz Fighters for Every Hair Type

Is your hair anxiously awaiting that fluffy halo the transitional season brings? Worry not! These hydrating hair helpers are here to fend it off before it arises. With a solution for every type and texture—from pin-straight and soft waves to voluminous curls and tight coils—we’ve curated a list to help your hair calm the frizz down. Here’s how to tame your locks!

The Best Frizz Fighter for Straight Hair

Innersense - I Create Shine

With straight hair, pesky flyaways and split ends are a telltale of a lack of moisture. The key is finding a product that will tame rogue baby hairs and flippant ends without leaving them looking flat and limp. This lightweight finishing serum does just the trick!

Frizz Fighting How-To: Run two to three drops through the mid to ends to seal in a glossy (but never greasy) look.


The Best Frizz Fighter for Wavy Hair

Rahua - Leave-in Treatment Light

Waves need hydration to help hold their soft, beachy S-shape without that stiff, crunchy feel. This leave-in conditioning treatment helps waves look lively and voluminous throughout the day.

Frizz Fighting How-To: Scrunch wet locks with this moisturizing treatment to smooth over frizzies as your waves dry.


DRYING TIP: Towel-caused friction can damage the hair shaft. Swap in a cotton t-shirt post-shower to help dry hair and avoid frizzy ends.

The Best Frizz Fighter for Curly Hair

Holy Curls - Cream

Getting frizz-free curls requires a bit of extra hydration to keep their form intact without flattening volume. This curl-controlling cream specifically made for ringletted babes has mega-moisture locked down.

Frizz Fighting How-To: After showering, gently ring out excess water and scrunch your just-damp strands with this cream to help curls hold their shape.


The Best Frizz Fighter for Damaged Hair

John Masters Organics - Hair Milk - Rose and Apricot

Damaged hair is begging for a tall glass of softening moisture. Whether you’re addicted to styling tools or in need of a good chop, this silicone-free leave-in treatment is your saving grace for boosting shine and keeping your ends looking healthy.

Frizz Fighting How-To: Run this lightweight cream through damp or dry hair and style however you wish without the frizzy fuss.


IN-SHOWER TIP: Avoid the risk of a puffy mane by combing through hair as you condition (rather than post-wash) to give curls effortless separation.

The Best Frizz Fighter for Dry Hair

Josh Rosebrook - Serum Spray

Dryness and its erratic behavior can affect both fine and thick hair which is why a serum is an excellent frizz tamer. Not only does it define, boost shine, and smooth ends, but it also helps seal the hair cuticle for less fraying later on.

Frizz Fighting How-To: Spray this serum on wet hair for a non-greasy glossy finish or lightly mist on dry hair to boost moisture and support healthy-looking ends.


The Best Frizz Fighter for Heat Styled Hair

EVOLVh - Ultimate Styling Lotion

Let’s be clear—heat is the number one culprit of damaged hair. While the best solution is to avoid it entirely, we know that’s not always a desirable option. The next best thing? A trusty heat protectant that forms a barrier between your hair and the sizzling tool to help minimize damage and strengthen strands in the long run.

Frizz Fighting How-To: Coat just-washed hair with this lotion to lock in moisture and create a protective shield before styling.

STRENGTHENING TIP: Let your hair air dry every so often to give it a chance to breathe & embrace the au natural look.