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Biggest Eco Trend: Concentrated Beauty

Have you ever thought about where your recycled packaging ends up? Or if your body wash is REALLY nourishing your skin? Well, you’re not alone. Brands have been working hard to address these questions with the emergence of concentrated beauty. Curious about what that means? It’s like it sounds—formulas that take a mindful ‘less-is-more’ approach to forgo wasteful packaging and focus on better formulas. Think fewer fillers, more targeted ingredients. Less packaging, more powerful solutions. Have we piqued your interest? Read on to explore this here-to-stay trend and how brands have been responding!

Biggest Eco Trend: Waste-Free Bars

CONCENTRATE ON: This salon-quality shampoo bar packs the same hair care performance as a bottled version without the constant toss-out. It also lasts way longer (up to 80 washes!), making it a more eco- and wallet-friendly swap.

DID YOU KNOW: 552 million shampoo bottles are disposed of every year in the United States, ending up in landfills or nature. Buying either refillable or bar formulas helps minimize this toll on our waste system.

Biggest Eco Trend: Waterless Formulas

CONCENTRATE ON: Water is used as a stabilizing ingredient in many beauty products—making up 70% of some formulas (or more!). More water means less active ingredients, and therefore, less effective results. Cue potent waterless formulas that offer triple the benefits in a third of the packaging.

GET MORE WITH WATERLESS: Because waterless formulas are highly concentrated, you can count on using less product—a great way to maximize results and reduce personal waste long term!

Biggest Eco Trend: Ready-To-Use Refills

CONCENTRATE ON: Are you a sucker for product packaging? We get it—but think about how often you dispose of your beautifully-packaged products. To avoid parting ways with your faves (and in turn, creating more waste!), seek out refillable packaging options. It’s an easy swap! Depending on your local program, all you have to do is simply remove the used vessel, correctly recycle it, and replace it with a refill!

REAP THE REFILL BENEFITS: Refills not only cut down on waste and clutter but cost too since you don’t have to pay for the product’s initial packaging each time you replenish.

Best Eco-Mindful Tips

Use up already-owned products before buying new, try using your favorite products in creative ways, and cut open nearly-finished tubes to get all of the product out.

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