Organic Herbal Toner
  • Organic Herbal Toner

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Organic Herbal Toner

Dr. Alkaitis

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Organic Aloe Vera gel, Chamomile and Atlantic Sea Kelp work to tone and balance the skin. This toner acts as an astringent and anti-inflammatory and serves as an excellent after-sun tonic. It also can be used as a day moisturizer for oily complexions.

In the palm of your hand, dispense a dime-size amount of toner. Apply over the entire face, using only your fingertips. Oily skin types may use the organic herbal toner in place of Dr. Alkaitis' Day or Night Creme, to promote a satin-like, shine-free complexion. Makeup may be applied after your skin has absorbed the toner. Use Daily.
Aloe Vera Gel*, Witch Hazel, Grape Alcohol* (Fermented Grapes), Greater Nettle*, Wild Chamomile Flowers+, Myrrh+, European Elder Blossoms*, Marsh Mallow*, French Lavender Flowers*, Curacao Orange*, Benzoin+, Rosemary*, Wild Fennel+, Balm Mint*, Grapefruit* and Lemon* Extracts. Sea Oak+, Atlantic Kelp+, Pearl Moss+, Natural Vitamin B and Vitamin C Complexes, 100% Pure Essential Oils. *Organic Ingredient. +Wildcrafted

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