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The Edit: Fitglow Beauty's Forces of Nature

Transformative makeup and nourishing skincare team-up to create the perfect storm. 

Fitglow Beauty is all about building a synergistic routine. With plant-based, science-backed, and lifestyle-tested formulas fit for every face, they know beauty goes beyond the surface. 

Find harmony with these perfect pairs: 

Intuitive water signs need a streamlined routine that leaves skin feeling supple. Start your day with the electrolyte dense Calm Cleanser, followed by the Vita Rich Crème to awaken, which both contain plant retinols, a brightening complex and over 150 phyto-nutrients to nourish and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 


Earth signs need formulas that work just as hard as they do. Fluff and fill your brows with the Protein Plant Brow Gel, then amplify and lengthen lashes with the Good Lash+ 3 in 1 Mascara. Powered by European lupine protein, organic horsetail extract, and vegetable collagen, these nutrient-rich ingredients work together in these formulas to fortify hairs and support growth. 

Elemental Harmony: Earth and water unite to strike a beautiful balance between nurturing and efficiency, making this the perfect pared-back morning routine. 


Adaptable air signs appreciate multitasking formulas that keep up with their busy schedules. Soothe stressed and dehydrated skin with the restorative Cloud Comfort Cream before swiping on the caffeine and peptide infused Eye C Firm to brighten and tighten. Skin will be on cloud nine in no time! 


Spontaneous fire signs need the Cloud Collagen Lipstick + Cheek Balm to let their creativity shine! Packed with skin-loving ceramides and vitamin C, these soft-matte sticks are lightweight and long-wearing. Pair them with the Vegan Lip Liner to give your pout a bold pop of pigment so you can feel loud and proud. 

Elemental Harmony: Air and fire unite to fuel each other's energy. Use their well-suited picks as a night-out routine to spark your adventurous spirit. 

Talking about clean beauty is our love language.