Beauty shops in Los Angeles are not difficult to find, but we consider this green-beauty boutique a rare gem. We adore The Detox Market.


The two remained true to their credo even after so many years: cosmetics which are good for both people and the environment – without exceptions.


Whether it’s a Los Angeles-based website with a winning selection of organic and natural oils, nail polishes, and mascaras (Detox Market)


Green and chic merge at the L.A. outpost of The Detox Market, a store that originated in 2010 as a pop-up on Abbott Kinney to educate people on the value of natural beauty products.


If Martha Stewart had a giant pantry filled with gorgeous natural- and organic-beauty products (and we wouldn't be surprised if she did), this is what it would look like.


This is your one-stop for natural and organic beauty.

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