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The Launchpad, Class of 2022

We started our Launchpad program in 2020 to support and accelerate clean beauty brands owned by Black people, Indigenous people and people of color by providing creative resources, retail strategy consulting, and senior-level mentorship in the beauty industry. Read on to meet our newest Launchpad grads, the class of 2022.

Salwa Petersen

Lawyer-turned-clean-beauty-entrepreneur, Salwa developed her eponymous haircare line after being inspired by Chébé, a custom during which Chadian women use a powder made from the croton gratissimus tree’s seeds to treat their hair. Shop Salwa Petersen at The Detox Market.


After her daughter was diagnosed with Pigmentary Mosaicism, pharmacist Sejal Patel developed Plantkos using Ayurvedic herbs and actives that target skin’s deepest dermal layers, where many common concerns of people with melanin-rich skin begin. Shop Plantkos at The Detox Market.

Muri Lelu

This luxury skincare line developed by Gilah Elul, Sarah Girgis and Muri Lelu—three first generation North American women with roots in France, Egypt and Belize—features full flower hemp, a powerful antioxidant.

Skwálwen Botanicals

Ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph’s collection of plant medicine for healthier skin honors/honours cultural plant knowledge, Indigenous science and self-care rituals, and is made with sustainably harvested and sourced botanicals.


Nearly all plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills. Sophia Hyun refused to accept that, so she worked with a team of dentists to create a sustainable version made with biodegradable materials and innovative bristle technology.


Aromatherapist Kavisha Mirza’s own minimal skincare routine prioritized skin health. With that as her guide, she decided to share her approach with the world, developing a skincare line packed with highly concentrated ingredients that are gentle enough to use daily.

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